Can astrology make you a better parent?

How far should you go in letting the stars decide your child's life?

In the Indian society it is common to get a kundali or janam patrika made for the child soon after the baby s birth. This is the one thing for which both the parents and grandparents are equally enthusiastic (well in most cases). In simple words a janam patrika is an astrological chart (birth chart) that entails every single detail related to the child with context to his star sign. Not only does it speak about the star signs and moon signs that supposedly govern the child s life or at the least influence it, it also in a ways tells and warns about the various unwanted and unhappy moments that the child could encounter with his actions. Well to make the scene complete the chart also speaks how one can dodge them and stay safe.

But the question is whether astrology is really that effective in dictating one s life well ahead of time? However, we all know that this debate is eternal, with no definitive response in place. So when it comes to parenting, what would you prefer? Would you trust your parenting skills or depend on astrology to ensure your child s happiness? If you are very superstitious know that in life taking risk at times pays off well keeping astrology aside. But if you are still unsure whether you should take every word seriously or go with instincts, we think you can take a mid path probably, here is how.

Use astrology for guidance: Since astrology has the power to tell you what would interest your child and what kinds of activities he would excel in, you can take cues to help your child learn specific things. However, keep in mind that astrological findings are supposed to be a close probability and not a definite verdict. If your child loses interest in activities that you have planned for him, don t force your child. It's better to help him find his own interest. Read 10 ways to make your child a good human being.

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Take into account your child s opinion: If his astrological chart says that he is destined to be famous if he helps people in the community, don t jump into conclusion that your child needs to be a doctor to do that and keep pushing him to achieve that set goal. Instead teach the basic morals of life that helping people is a good deed that he should practise that throughout his life. This simple lesson will even help him earn respect if he is not a doctor and decides to be a painter. Read six reasons why your child needs to spend more time with grandparents.

Don t force your child to follow the rules of astrology always: If astrology has predicted an untoward incident or an accident for your child it is better to keep your child away from situations that could lead to one. However, don t try to make him turn into a maniacal with your own fears. Instead, instil habits that can help your child to help himself in times of need. For instance, if the astrological prediction says your child could probably suffer from a road accident, make sure you teach your child good driving skill and how to be smart behind the wheels when he hits the road. Agreed at times certain incidents cannot be avoided and can turn out to be true, but that shouldn t deter you or your child from living his life to the fullest. Read how to acknowledge and understand your child s emotions better.

Allow your child to put his desires first before astrological predictions: Sometimes your child might not want to tread the path that your astrologer has advised him. Have patience in such cases, even if you want your baby to take that route. That is because the lessons learned in life come through experience and hard work. The best lessons in fact are the ones that your child might learn by taking a different route than what was planned for him trying to fulfil his own desires and goals. If you are still not convinced tell your child about the astrological predictions and findings and your opinions about the same. If your child still dares to take his own path, the best you can do is to support his beliefs. Probably that would be a good sign of happy parenting rather than allowing astrology to chart the rules for you.

Tip: As a parent or an individual if you swear by astrology and depend on it for every single decision you make, it is your own personal choice. But to force that on your child might not be the right thing. However we aren t saying that following astrology can make you a good or bad parent. But sometimes you should know where to draw the line when it comes to beliefs.

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