Bonding between kids and their grandparents - A relationship like no other!

The bond between a child and her grandparents is precious!

I think my mother's favourite phrase is 'mool se soodh zyada payara hota hai', which translates to 'interest is always dearer than the principal amount'. This saying is used in the context that grandchildren are more precious than your own children. And I see this in action everyday at my home. I live with my parents, and the way they adore my little daughter is bordering on obsession. Just kidding. But if you are a parent and your children are close to your parents, then you know that nothing makes you more happy than seeing the beautiful relationship between your children and their grandparents. There's something very cute, and truly pure about the relationship children share with their grandparents. I was very close to my paternal grandmother, because she used to make the best aam ka achaar (mango pickles) in the whole world, always had ample stories in her kitty to keep grandkids hooked onto her every word and would come up with whackiest, but cutest, nicknames for all us cousins. Now seeing that same bond, if not even more intense, between my toddler and my parents makes me feel all kinds of warm and every time my daughter hugs my dad or mom, I send out a thousand little prayers for all of them. There are so many cute things that happen between my daughter and her grandparents, here are some of them:

  • Grandparents give in to the craziest ideas: One day my dad took my daughter for a haircut. When they both returned, they had both come back with a bald head! In the salon, my effervescent toddler had the crazy idea of shaving off her beautiful, shoulder length curly hair. And she wanted naanu to shave his head too. So naanu did. I had the shock of my life seeing them both with shaved heads, while they both simply laughed their shaved heads off.
  • Most patient caregivers: No matter how much of a tornado my daughter is, my parents are always patient and kind with her. I have never seen them getting tiniest bit perturbed, even when she is literally sitting on their heads. All my dad will do is give her a bear hug, which he calls the 'healing hug'.
  • Never run out of hugs, kisses and treats: Most children like to have constant physical contact like being kissed and hugged. If you have a grandparent, you don't have to worry about it! And of course, the easy access to all the contraband that mummy has put off-limits like candy and ice cream.
  • They never get cross: Between my mom and dad, my daughter had broken 6 pair of glasses and multiple mobile phones. Then there was also the hitting phase, hair pulling phase and all sorts of phases that were a breeze, thanks to her grandparents. They bever got cross and would always correct her in the gentlest manner. Especially when I was beginning to lose my cool.

Do you have any stories to share about the relationship between your parents and children? Share it in the comments section.

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