6 things that every parent of newborns should keep in mind

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Mothers, know that big baby doesn't always mean a healthy baby. Even if your baby is petite but playful things are fine with your baby.

After birth, every mother has this one nagging concern that keeps them worried 24/7 if their child is growing properly and getting enough nourishment. No amount of assurance can make them happy and they constantly beat themselves up thinking they are doing less and their child needs more attention than they are giving. Many mothers end up giving newborns tonics and multivitamins for better growth and development which is absolutely unnecessary. To put every new mother's concerns to rest and help them be at ease with their baby's growth and development, there are few things they should know:

  1. Big babies don't always mean a healthy baby, so if your child looks petite and small it is fine. If the baby is active and does not fall ill often but continues to grow and develop at his own pace, it is normal.
  2. Parents who have a small petite build tend to have small and petite babies.
  3. Children who are small at the time of birth might catch up growth by 2 years of age. However, some babies who are born small remain like that for the rest of the years.
  4. Multivitamins and tonics given at birth do not increase the height and weight of a baby. At the most, they may ensure that the baby doesn't suffer from any kind of deficiency of vitamins and minerals. But be sure to read the labels as some of the tonics contain alcohol, which can be harmful to your child.
  5. Don't give your child drugs to stimulate appetite and increase her weight. They may contain anabolic steroids which are especially dangerous for female children. They can lead to permanent enlargement of the clitoris and give rise to secondary male sex characteristics.
  6. If you think your child needs growth hormone to gain height, speak to a paediatric endocrinologist. They are the best people who can help you to plan a treatment for your baby. You cannot take a decision about the same at birth.

Bottom-line: If your child is playful, takes feeds regularly, passing pee and poop without many difficulties there is no reason for you to worry.

Inputs are taken from the book Parenting the Indian Way by Dr R K Anand

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