Baby Care Tip #33 – Never leave your baby alone in the bath tub

Baby Care Tip #33 – Never leave your baby alone in the bath tub

There is a reason why they say you should never leave your child in the tub all alone.

Written by Debjani Arora |Published : September 15, 2017 11:03 AM IST

Parents, never do the mistake of leaving your baby in the bath tub even for a fraction of a second. Until the time you are using a bath tub to bathe your child in, keep this advice in mind. Accidents in the bathroom are very common and fatal too. Even the shallow water in the tub can drown your baby. Yes, this is true. If left unattended your baby might fall face-flat on the tub and this could lead to water blocking the tiny nostrils and make it difficult for the baby to breathe. Within minutes this could turn fatal. Even if your child is a toddler leaving her alone in the bath tub is not advisable. Your child might want to move out of the tub in sheer enthusiasm and topple from the tub. This could hurt your little one in a bad way.

So, be very careful during the bath time and leave no room for mistakes. Keep these things in mind when you take your little one for a bath:

  • Arrange everything that you need for the bath beforehand so you don't have to go to get something leaving your baby in the tub. Get the towels, soap and the change, everything at a place and keep them at a distance so you can reach out when you need the items.
  • Check the water temperature before you get your baby inside the bathroom. If might be difficult to do it once you get your baby inside. If the water is too hot it could lead to skin burns if your baby tries or accidentally touches the water.
  • Hold your baby with one hand and pour water on her with the other gently. If your baby is too small to sit upright, place her head on the crook of your elbow to give a head bath. Never pour water on the head directly. Once she is ready to sit in the tub, cup your palms to gather water and pour on her head.
  • Remember, when you are bathing your baby everything else is secondary the phone ringing in loud volume, people knocking at your door everything can wait. If you need to attend to anything that is important wrap your baby in a towel and take her along.
  • Ensure that the water in the tub is no more than two or three inches, once you place your baby in the tub make sure that you close the tap.
  • Once bathing is over towel dry her and make her wear comfortable clothes and ensure she is warm so that she doesn't catch a cold. While dressing up the baby, always make her wear the top or shirt first so that the chest area is covered and there are fewer chances of catching a cold.

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