Baby Care Tip #32 – Allow your child some diaper-free time

It is important and helps you to get started with toilet training too.

Whether you are in favour of 24-hour diapering or use a diaper only while travelling outdoors is a personal choice. But I prefer to keep my child in diapers even when indoors for its sheer convenience. I know many mothers who feel the same. Of course, keeping your child on diaper 24/7 isn t a good practice. Diaper rashes, itching, irritation a lot can happen due to dampening in the area which allows bacteria to thrive. This is why it is important to give your child some diaper-free time. But ensuring diaper-free time also calls for cleaning up the mess and loads of work. Here is all you need to learn about diaper rashes.

So here are some tips that you need to keep in mind if you are allowing your child diaper-free time:

  1. If you have an infant place your child on a quick absorbent sheet or a changing mat, so you don t spoil your bed sheet or the baby bedding. These mats, designed for the purpose is easy to clean and isn t harsh on your baby s delicate skin.
  2. If your child can turn over or sit up straight, keep an eye on her to avoid a fall or an accident if she is in bed. Ideally, place her inside the crib so chances of a fall can be minimalised and place the quick dry sheet evenly over the bedding.
  3. If your child can cruise and walk around, you still need to be vigilant as young children can pee and poop and (as gross as it might sound) start playing with the muck.
  4. It is always better to make your child wear an under pant during the diaper-free time since contact with any surface with the genitals could lead to accidents, infections, etc. Many mothers prefer to keep kids bare bottom which is not advisable.
  5. Don t postpone laundry, there might be a pile to wash but do it anyway either hand wash or put them in the washing machine. Soiled panties could be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus which could leave stubborn stains even after washing.
  6. While choosing a time to go diaper-free, do it after your child has pooped. It would ensure less of a mess to clean.
  7. In case, your child doesn t have a fixed time to poop; I would suggest you keep her diaper-free before the meals.
  8. Offer a change of cloth immediately once your child pees or poops. Staying in soiled clothes could lead to various kinds of infections and allergies.
  9. Make sure you clean your baby s genitals thoroughly before making her wear a fresh pair of bottoms.
  10. Use the diaper-free time to toilet train your child when she can walk. Here are some sure fire tips for potty training.

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