Baby Care Tip #42 – Offer your fussy eater a variety of foods during every meal

Trust me, it might look like too much work but is beneficial for your baby.

I know that the headline itself is stressing you out, especially if you are a mom to a fussy eater. Trust me I have two at home and I am saying this. Despite knowing that just cooking the main course while managing two bundles of energy is a challenge in itself. It is no exaggeration if I say we mothers should be given the noble peace prize for not going crazy given the antics of our tots. And if you have a fussy eater, I pity you even more. It is a constant struggle at my end too to feed my two fussy eaters. Here are some other ways of dealing with a fussy eater like planning food dates, buying vegetables together, etc.

Fed up of all the ideas of talking about food, its aroma and benefits to the kids I straight away asked my paediatrician if there is any other way that I can make sure that my two babies eat. During my last visit which was a fortnight back, he suggested I get a variety on the plate. This, in other words, translates to spending more time in the kitchen and cooking more dishes. It is tiring. But according to my paediatrician, if you really want your fussy eater to eat, this is the best way to do so.

My paediatrician explained, that fussy eaters lose interest in food too soon so it the onus is on the parents to bring variety which keeps them interested in eating. Your plate should have at least three to four of different foods like if the main course is a vegetable pulav, ensure there is a roti-sabzi, some boiled chicken or eggs or a bowl of paneer or tofu. The idea is if your child refuses one kind of food you will be ready for the next thing to offer. From my experience, I know that fussy eaters don t have a favourite dish. What they like today, they might resent it when you make it the next time.

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So the idea is to offer two to three spoonfuls of one particular food in rotations. So if you start with say pulav or dal-khichdi and your child refuses it after four spoons, offer few bites of roti-sabzi and then allow her to nibble on some chicken chunks or boiled eggs, again go back to offering khichdi. Yes, you need to spend some time planning the meals but you do get results. My paediatrician said that if you are able to even feed four to five spoons of each variety of food your child will get all the required nutrition needed.

If you have any other way to make sure your fussy eater eats healthy write to us in your comments section.

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