Baby care tip #10 – Create a calm and cozy environment for your baby to sleep at night

Baby care tip #10 – Create a calm and cozy environment for your baby to sleep at night

Just feeding, cuddling and singing lullabies isn't enough, you need to create an environment for your baby to sleep swell through night.

Written by Debjani Arora |Updated : September 26, 2014 10:48 AM IST

create a calm environment for your baby to sleep in

New mums know that it is quite a task to get their newborn or infant to sleep through the night. But it's not the little one's fault either. During the initial months of life, babies aren't able to differentiate night from day. The onus is always on the parents to establish a good sleep cycle early in life.

To help your baby sleep better, create a calm and cozy atmosphere around. Dim the lights, sing lullabies, put her on her baby bed and try not to give in to her tantrums easily. Keep her toys, specially the musical ones away while you try to lull her to sleep. Also keep the routine before her sleep fixed and monotonous, this helps to establish the sleep-wake cycle in babies soon. Know about the other ways in which you can put your baby to sleep.

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Remember despite your good attempts, babies below six months of age might wake up every two to three hours to quench their thirst and hunger, demanding a feed. Offer your baby the bottle or breastfeed her, keeping the lights still dim so that she goes back to sleep soon. At no point during the night, try to break the calm. Soothe your baby by patting, cuddling and giving her more warmth. Also read which of these reasons are making your baby cry.

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