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Baby breathing monitors, the new accessory for new moms

Baby breathing monitors have become a necessity for most new mothers and an inevitable part of parenting these days.

Written by Sreemoyee Chatterjee |Updated : July 17, 2018 7:10 PM IST

Both Priya (name changed), 32, a single, working mom and her five-month-old son Riyan would remain sleep deprived due to the infant's interrupted sleep at night and sudden bouts of breathing trouble till she brought a baby breathing monitor home. The device not only helped her in tracking the child's breathing and sleeping pattern but also helped her to get immediate help from a pediatrician regarding Riyan's health. With these monitors parenting has just become easier.

Baby breathing monitor is the new sensation among new moms and why not? With most new moms being working mothers today, spending 24/7 with kids becomes next to impossible. This is when these smart breathing monitors come to their rescue to keep an eye on their infants when they are away from home. Hence, if you often come across a would-be mom or a new mom to flip through pages of magazine or scroll through websites with news on baby monitors, do not be surprised. Here we are with all about baby breathing monitors for you.

What are baby breathing monitors?

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These are devices that indicate a child's breathing and movements and raises an alarm in case there is a considerable delay as much as around twenty seconds in registering the child's breathing or movements. These devices are particularly used to prevent Sudden Infant Death syndrome (SIDS) and is godsend for new moms who are compelled to spend greater part of the day away from their babies.

Working of a baby breathing monitor

These monitors are fitted with multiple units working towards your baby's safety. They have sensors that record your baby's breathing and these sensors are usually kept under the baby or their blanket. Baby monitors can be in the form of a bracelet touching your kid's body as well as in the form of a smarter contactless device, thanks to evolving technology. The ultraviolet beam sensors that can ring an alarm if the beam is not broken. However, it cannot and should not replace your personal care for your baby.

Baby monitor and its merits

Here are a host of benefits of using a baby breathing monitor.

  • It gives you peace of mind and a sound sleep at night.
  • It alerts you in case there is a possibility of an emergency so that you can prevent it from before.
  • It enables you keep a check on your child's health even when you are away from home for work.
  • In case your child is born premature or has some complications, these monitors help you keep an eye on your child's breathing habits and accordingly consult a doctor.

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