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Why you need mouthwash

It's hard to imagine that something you just swish and spit can really benefit your dental health. But the RIGHT mouthwash can be one of your BEST defenses against bad breath and tooth decay. Watch this to find out which ones do a better job than others.

Written by Admin |Updated : July 24, 2015 12:58 PM IST

While buying a mouthwash always read the manufacturer's label and check for the age recommendations and precautions. If you are suffering from a dental condition be sure to consult your dentist before you decide which mouthwash to buy.

Help with bad breath:

Mouthwashes are known to keep your breath fresh for up to 3 hours, but they not only help with bad breath they also have properties to reduce plaque build-up and anti-cavity forming properties.

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Your dentist may suggest a prescription-only mouthwash that includes extra ingredients to protect against dry mouth, periodontal (gum) disease or inflammation, cavities, or other problems.

After using your mouthwash:

Don't rinse your mouth, eat, or smoke for 30 minutes, this may dilute the effect of the fluoride in the mouthwash.

Some unwanted side-effects:

  • Mouthwashes that contain alcohol can cause a burning sensation in the cheeks, teeth, and gums.
  • If your mouthwash is concentrated, it can lead to mouth ulcers, sodium retention, root sensitivity, stained teeth, soreness, numbness, and changes in taste sensation.
  • Too much fluoride mouthwash or swallowing it can lead to fluoride toxicity.

Source: Health Guru

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