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Replacing A Missing Tooth: Importance And Ways To Fix The Dental Problem

Replacing A Missing Tooth: Importance And Ways To Fix The Dental Problem

Ignoring a missing tooth can lead to several oral health problems. Here are reasons why replacing a missing tooth is important and procedures that can help.

Written by Arushi Bidhuri |Updated : April 25, 2022 2:46 PM IST

Oral health is like a window to your overall health. It is more important than most people realize. While everyone wants a healthy set of pearly whites that shine the brightest, not everyone is blessed with it. Some need to work a little harder for the perfect set of teeth. But what to do when you lose a tooth too early in life?

It is normal to lose some teeth as you grow older, but it is uncommon in middle-aged people and calls for special notice. Plus, it can also cause damage and destruction to your oral health, as pointed out by Dr Kanika Dewan, Dentist at Nanda Dental Clinic.

Why Replacing A Missing Tooth Is Important?

Dr Kanika Dewan pens down various reasons which prove and support the concept of why it is important to replace a missing tooth as soon as possible:

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Teeth can become unaligned

Our teeth are aligned in the mouth in proper symmetry. When one of them goes missing, all the remaining teeth will start shifting and moving and will try to fill the gap. This movement will create an imbalance in the mouth and can cause oral problems in the longer run.

Chewing and speaking difficulties could develop

Teeth help in the chewing process and help to break down the food for its maximum nutrition benefits. A missing tooth can hinder the process and chewing difficulty can develop. Teeth also help in the proper pronunciation of words. a missing tooth can break the chain and words coming out will not be clear as they were.

Deterioration of the Jawline

Our jawline gains its strength through the constant movement and stimulation of our mouth through teeth. If we miss a tooth, that empty part in the mouth loses its stimulation and the jawline will start shrinking. In addition to this, gums too will begin to recede into the missing tooth area. This whole process will cause early signs of ageing and facial skin will lose its strength and start sagging. Teeth adjacent to the missing tooth will also start to weaken.

Cleaning becomes difficult

When gaps in the mouth are generated, proper cleaning while brushing becomes difficult. due to these plaques and cavities that start generating in the mouth. So, the loss of one missing tooth can cause damage and long-term oral difficulties in the whole mouth.

Teeth may start to loosen up

Because of one missing tooth, other teeth start shifting to fill that gap, this shifting causes damage to the teeth. untimely movement and shifting of teeth can reduce the life of teeth and they too will start decaying and will eventually fall soon.

So, it is very important that as soon as one tooth is missing, you should get it placed with another tooth. because at the expense of one tooth all other teeth can be damaged and cause oral problems in the longer run.

Procedures To Replace Missing Tooth

Dr Dewan said that there are various methods and procedures used these days to replace the missing tooth. She lists them down here:

  • Dental implants
  • Dentures
  • Dental bridges

Pointing out the benefits, the doctor said that there are various benefits and reasons which will be there once you replace the missing tooth:

  • Your smile will become more beautiful
  • The speech will be improved and will be as it was before the missing tooth.
  • Face sagging will be delayed with the replacement of the missing tooth, and you will start looking younger.
  • Once the missing tooth is replaced, chewing will become easy, and you will get more nutrition as well as taste in the food.
  • And in the end, your overall oral health will improve.

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