Pears: Include this green delight in your diet to get those pearly whites

Pears: Include this green delight in your diet to get those pearly whites

Diet plays an important role when it comes to dental health. Dr Gunita Singh tells you how including pear in your diet can help improve oral health.

Written by Arushi Bidhuri |Updated : December 25, 2020 9:23 AM IST

Daily brushing, flossing is important for your teeth, but did you know nutrition is as important for your dental health as the other things? Diet plays a vital role in maintaining overall health, including oral health. And what's better than fresh fruits and vegetables to give you a big pearly white smile? When it comes to foods that can do wonders for your teeth, you often think of apples and bananas. But what most people don't know is that pears are also great for your teeth.

Pears Contain Vitamin C

As it turns out, pears are a great addition to your diet that can help maintain healthy teeth. Dr Gunita Singh, Director, Dentem, explains, "Gums are the foundation of teeth, meaning healthy gums equals healthy teeth. If the gums are unhealthy, they become loose and lead to the formation of pockets around teeth, which will lead to the accumulation of food particles, which will lead to gingivitis."

She further explained that vitamin C is the best food supplement for healthy gums that gives them that extra strength required to keep your teeth healthy.

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"One medium-sized pear can provide 10 per cent of the daily requirement of vitamin C. While there are many citrus fruits which provide the same amount of vitamin C or maybe more, but pear is the only fruit which is 100 times less acidic as compared to other fruits."

Acidic fruits can lead to tooth erosion and loss of enamel, which can be harmful. Whereas, pears never does that.

Pear A Natural Toothbrush

Raise your hand if you tend to snack on unhealthy foods now and then. Cleanliness is the key to good health, and snacking is our biggest enemy when it comes to dental health. Dr Singh calls pear a natural toothbrush that helps avoid tooth decay.

"Munching on this crunchy and tasty fruit in between meals helps keep oral cavities at bay. It has a high water content that dilutes saliva, which helps wash bacteria and food particles accumulated in between teeth. It is an excellent alternative to sugary, starchy and unhealthy foods."

Including pears in your diet can help keep your dental health in check. So, the next time you feel hungry in between a meal, try eating a pear.

Pear Is Good For Digestion

"Bad digestion can cause oral ulcers and lesions. Pears are high in fibre and can help clear the digestive system and promote good dental health. It will help you get rid of bad breath and oral ulcers," said Dr Singh.

High Potassium Content

She further explained that potassium is one of the major elements for tooth enamel. It gives it strength and lustre to the teeth also play a major role in preventing heart diseases by providing potassium.

Helps Prevent Diabetes

People with poorly controlled diabetes are at a greater risk for dental problems. High blood sugar levels can lead to the infections of the gums. Including pears in your diet to help control diabetes, which, in turn, will help reduce the risk of dental problems.