5 tips to prevent tooth decay after Christmas bingeing

5 tips to prevent tooth decay after Christmas bingeing
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By all means, we should celebrate Christmas and enjoy all the delicacies that are a part of it. But don't let your teeth bear the brunt of the feasting!

Written by Upneet Pansare |Updated : December 19, 2018 3:37 PM IST

Christmas is a time for bingeing on delicious sweet treats. From Christmas cookies to cakes, this festive season is all about getting together with the family and cooking and eating. If there's one thing we all tend to ignore, especially during the festive season, it is our teeth. It is important to protect your teeth from decay after all the festive bingeing. Tooth decay erodes your tooth enamel and causes cavities. You may even lose your teeth if the infection in the cavity worsens. Cavity-causing bacteria convert the sugar from the food we eat into acids which demineralise and destruct the enamel of the tooth to create cavities in them. When we eat, food particles tend to remain stuck on the surface of the teeth.

Here are some dental care tips you need to follow:

Eat some cheese: Cheese is known to whiten teeth. Calcium-rich cheese speeds up the neutralization of acid and remineralisation of enamel which is good for your dental health.

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Rinse your mouth with water after eating sweet treats: Eating sugar-loaded delicacies and sugary drinks can cause dental cavities and plaque formation. Very often, we don't rinse our mouth with water or brush our teeth when we are busy tending to guests or enjoying the party. But this can only worsen the situation.

Stick to moderate alcohol consumption: Studies have shown that some drinks like white wine, cider and alcopops are particularly erosive to teeth. Plus, many of the drinks including cocktails have loads of sugar in them. This can cause cavities.

Have an apple a day: If there is one food that makes your teeth feel clean after eating it, it is the apple. Eating crisp and crunchy apples are a great way of cleaning teeth.

Limiting carbohydrate-rich food: Foods that are high in carbohydrates including bread can lead to cavities too. Carbohydrates break down to sugar acids in the mouth and erode the enamel.