Yoga asanas that’ll help treat erectile dysfunction

Yoga asanas and mudras can help every part of your body and mind. Erectile Dysfunction is just one of the many conditions that yoga can help with. Try doing these exercises regularly.

Erectile dysfunction is the failure to sustain the erection or the stiffness of the male reproductive organ for a prolonged period of time. According to statistics, the prevalence of erectile dysfunction ranges from 15.77 per cent in men younger than 40 years to 86 per cent in men 80 years and older. But, don't give up hope. Here is how yoga can help treat erectile dysfunction.

1) Kandasana (Upward Ankle Twist Pose)

One of the best yoga asanas to improve sexual health, Kandasana improves blood circulation to your sexual organs and exercises the part below your navel. To do this asana, sit with your legs outstretched in front of you. Stretch your legs sideways and fold your legs at the knee. Pull your legs closer towards your perineum. As you inhale, place the soles of your feet against your navel using your hands. Keep your back erect and hold the position. As you exhale, slowly lower your legs to the floor. Repeat the pose.

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2) Vajroli mudra (Thunder Bolt Lock)

Vajroli mudra helps boost blood circulation and helps tone the pelvic area. This is why it is recommended for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Sit in Padmasana or lotus position. Place your hands on your knees, lean a little forward and close your eyes. Draw your urinary muscles in and hold your breath for a count of 5. Release your breath and then repeat.

3) Ashwini Mudra

Ashwini mudra is excellent for exercising muscles of the rectum, colon and perineum. It increases the blood flow to the penile vasculature. It also works to tone up and release the stiffness in your abdominal area and area under the navel. Close your eyes and sit in lotus position/ padmasana. Inhale and bend your head to fix the chin in the chin lock position. While holding your breath, contract and relax the anal sphincter five times. Increase the speed of contraction. Repeat.

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