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Yes, it has been proven, your beard is dirtier than a toilet!

This is shocking! Click to know why.

Written by Shaloo Tiwari |Published : January 10, 2017 2:20 PM IST

No shave has become one of the sexiest trends these days. Men find it extremely 'manly' and hot to grow a beard. But do you know that recently a study has found of that beard is as dirty as a toilet. This is something that has shocked everyone. An Alburquerque, New Mexico affiliate of ABC News, tested beards of some men and their study has shaken the internet. The test was conducted by Quest Diagnostics microbiologist John Golobic. Apparently, he hadn't expected such surprising results. He said,"I'm usually not surprised and I was surprised by this". However, some beards that were tested had normal bacteria that means not all beards are dirtier than the toilet.

"Those are the types you'd find in (fecal matter)", Golobic said referring to the tests conducted. He also mentioned that most of these bacteria won't lead to illness but it is still alarming. He also added that if this kind of bacteria was found in water supply then it would need to be shut down for disinfecting. It is should now be understood that only having long beard is not it, one also needs to clean it thoroughly. Golobic suggested that one should go for thorough scrubbing and lots of hand washing. One very important point that he made was that one should keep their hands away from their face as much as possible. This study was an eye-opener, however you might also want to read your vagina is cleaner than your mouth +4 other body parts. You might also want to know how to keep your penis clean.

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