Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer delivers identical twin girls. Here's what you need to know!

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer recently announced that she delivered identical twin girls. Here's the difference between identical and fraternity twins

Yahoo Inc CEO, Marissa Mayer, announced on Twitter earlier today that she delivered identical twin girls on December 11 following which she is expected to resume with work after a maternity leave of only two weeks. Mayer, who is married to Silicon Valley investor Zachary Bogue had tweeted, Zack and I are excited to announce that our identical twin girls were born early this morning. Our whole family is doing great! The 40-year-old, had previously given birth to a baby boy, Macallister, on September, 2012.

The difference between identical and fraternal twins

However, did you know that identical twins occur when a single egg gets fertilized by a single sperm following which it splits into two identical halves? Following that, two separate babies with identical DNA are formed. In most cases, identical twins belong to the same sex and share the same placenta. However, in some cases, the twins could be male and female and also have separate placentas. It is estimated that the incidence rate of identical twins is about four per 1000 thousand. However, researchers have also identified the genetic differences between identical twins.

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On the other hand, fraternity twins occur when two fertilized eggs are implanted in the uterine wall at the same time after the mother releases two different eggs that are fertilized by different sperms. These twins have a small chance of having the same chromosome profile and like single siblings, they share 50% of their DNA. Fraternal twins are more common than identical twins and doctors have observed that women above the age of 30 are more likely to have twins. Here's how to manage a twin pregnancy.

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