Would you use a condom with wings?

winged condomA Dutch invention that makes the condom easier to put on has been awarded a prestigious iF Gold Award 2014 for its novel design. Called Wingman, it features 'wings' that allow the condom to be unrolled with one hand. The iF Gold Award is considered the highest distinction for product design and has previously gone to heavyweights such as Apple, Nokia and Porsche. (Read: Busted 6 myths about condoms and other forms of contraception)

The creators of the new-generation condom were inspired by the fact that users themselves are to blame for the majority of condom failures. Applying a condom does come with a few challenges: you must get rid of excess air at the tip, avoid contact with fingernails and put it on in the right direction. To make your love life easier, the Wingman brand has added two small wings, one on each side, making the unrolling movement more practical. The design makes application possible with one hand and even in total darkness. (Read: Could you be allergic to condoms?)

The Wingman sells for 9.95 euros for a box of 12 condoms and is available in European countries including France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. (Read: Why are Indians using fewer condoms?)

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