World Stroke Day: What is the “Golden Hour” of stroke?

Our expert explains why it is important to reach the hospital or get urgent medical help within the Golden Hour period.

World Stroke Day is observed on the 29th of October every year. This year the theme is what is your reason for preventing a stroke?

Stroke is one of the leading causes of death and disability in the world. According to the World Stroke Organisation, every year 6.5 million deaths occur due to stroke. One in six people is likely to suffer from a stroke. Every 4 minutes a person suffers from a stroke, currently, there are an estimated 26 million survivors of stroke. However, the severity of the condition can be decreased by attaining medical help within the "Golden Hour". So to help you out in understanding Golden Hour in stroke, Dr Rima Khanna, Associate Consultant-Neurology, Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh explains the significance of the golden hour of stroke and how crucial it is to get treatment during this phase. Here are 6 lifestyle tips to prevent stroke.

A stroke takes place when the blood supply to a part of the brain is cut off. Without blood, brain cells get damaged and die. The severity of stroke depends on which part of the brain is affected and how quickly the person is treated. A stroke can affect a person s mobility, speech, ability to think, feel and analyse.

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What is the "Golden Hour" of stroke?

It is imperative for a stroke patient to get urgent medical attention or reach the hospital in the Golden Period after experiencing the symptoms of a brain stroke. The Golden Period of stroke is within first 4.5 hours of the stroke. According to experts, the sooner you get clinical attention, the better is the treatment outcome. This is because the clot-dissolving medication will be effective if administered within 4.5 hours of a stroke on set. For every minute in which the blood flow is not restored, nearly two million additional nerve cells die. Hence, it is important that patient should reach an equipped stroke centre as early as possible as a delay of every single second can land you in trouble.

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