World Sleep Day 2018: Facts about Indians and sleep that will shock you!

33 percent Indians snore; up to 14 percent snore as loud as or louder than they speak.

With a good diet, exercise and avoiding the sedentary lifestyle, in the race of achieving a fit body what gets ignored the most is a good sleep. The importance of adequate and quality sleep isn't unknown. Sleep is as important for our body as food and all the nutrients. But with growing stress and busy lifestyle, sleep tends to get ignored the most. Mood, memory, cognitive performance and alertness are highly dependent on good sleep.

A growing body of medical evidence links inadequate sleep with anger, anxiety, and sadness. A significant proportion of the adult population suffers from sleep problems, and many of them potentially having chronic insomnia. Treatment options include both pharmacological and non-pharmacological measures. Pharmacological treatments may be associated with significant adverse effects.

The solution to beat insomnia and improve the overall wellness beyond medications does seem difficult but there is hope. Dr. Raja Amarnath, a senior consultant at Apollo Hospitals, says, "In different studies, approximately 25% of adults mentioned that their sleep was not satisfactory. At least 10-15% have symptoms of sleep deprivation, negatively affecting their daytime work, while 6-10% meet the diagnostic criteria for insomnia. While the situation is quite alarming there is hope beyond medication. The results of the study on the effect of Heartfulness meditation points towards the alleviating effect of meditation on sleep and sleep-related disorders." Heartfulness meditation could be the key.

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Meanwhile, according to a study conducted by Philips Study by Nielsen, here are a few facts about Indians and sleep that might shock you:

  • 93 percent of Indians suffer from sleep deprivation; getting less than 8 hours per night
  • 58 percent believe their work suffers due to lack of adequate sleep
  • 11 percent have fallen asleep at work due to a poor night's sleep
  • 38 percent witnessed a colleague falling asleep at work
  • Lack of sleep also affects family relationships according to 19 percent
  • 87 percent of Indians say lack of sleep affects health
  • 72 percent of Indians are waking up 1 to 3 times per night
  • 5 percent wake up over stress at work
  • 33 percent Indians snore; up to 14 percent snore as loud as or louder than they speak
  • Only 2 percent of Indians discuss their lack of sleep with a physician

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