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World Osteoporosis Day 2014: Himalaya conducts check-up camp to raise awareness

Written by Editorial Team |Published : October 21, 2014 10:38 AM IST

October 20 is the World Osteoporosis Day

As part of an initiative to raise awareness for osteoporosis, Himalaya Drug Company conducted a check-up camp today at Government Ayurveda Hospital, Perumbavoor on the occasion of World Osteoporosis Day. The Himalaya Drug Company initiated the programme in 2002.

Till date, around 1,500 camps across India have been conducted, helping around 6-7 lakh women, a press release said. Himalaya partners with orthopedists to conduct these camps. A World Health Organization (WHO) study revealed that around 300 million people suffer from osteoporosis in India and in the next decade it is expected to increase by about 50 per cent. (Read: 10 natural remedies to prevent osteoporosis)

A recent report by International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) said osteoporosis affects women more than men and about one in three women over the age of 50 are reported to be osteoporotic. Kerala's total population as per the 2011 census is around 3.36 crore, of which 12.6 per cent are aged above 60 years. The high percentage of elderly population in the State makes prevention, care and treatment for the disease important. (Read: 3 symptoms of osteoporosis you should know about)

Dr Reji Kizhakkedath, Senior Consultant of Holistic Spiritual Medicine & Auric Enhancement Therapy from Anugraha Medical Centre here said that diet, lifestyle and genetics triggers osteoporosis.

Expert diet tips for osteoporosis

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Eat calcium rich foods: One of the key risk factors of osteoporosis is deficiency of calcium in the body. Hence, people suffering from this disease are advised to includefoods rich in calcium such as milk, milk products (like paneer, curd and buttermilk) and sesame seeds(til). Although, cheese is rich in calcium, it is high in calories and should be avoided.

Avoid sour food: People suffering from osteoporosis are advised to stay away from consuming foods that are sour in taste such as tamarind, lime juice, amchur and tomatoes. This is because sour foods interfere with the absorption of calcium in the body.

Eat low-calorie foods: Maintaining a healthy body weight is the key to ease symptoms of osteoporosis, which can be attained by consuming foods low in calories. Hence, people with this health complication should avoid intake of high-calorie foods and instead replace them with low-calorie stuff like fresh fruits and those rich in fibre. Here are few weight loss tips you can try! (Read: World Osteoporosis Day 2014: Wear white and embrace better bone health)

Eat Protein rich food: Deepshikha says, Foods that are rich in protein content are good for people suffering from osteoporosis. So, include soya protein (as nugests or granules) and dals like moong dal in your diet.

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