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World Kidney Day: 3 basic tips for people on dialysis

Kidney stones: Believe it or not, but a low-carbohydrate diet can also put you at the risk of suffering from kidney stones. Studies have found that 1 in 20 children on a ketogenic diet could suffer from kidney stones and even those who switch to this diet to lose weight are at equal risk.

Did you know people undergoing kidney transplant should restrict the water intake?

Written by Bhavyajyoti Chilukoti |Published : March 8, 2018 5:48 PM IST

If you are undergoing kidney dialysis, it goes without saying that you are suffering from severe kidney disease. ANd hence, it is imperative to follow each and every rule recommended by your doctor to take care of the kidneys and recover quickly. As people suffering from severe kidney disease are advised strict diet control, there are few tips one must follow without fail in addition to undergoing dialysis on a regular basis. Dr Neeru P Agarwal, Associate Director and HOD Nephrology, NephroPlus Dialysis Center, MAX Hospital, Vaishali shares few basic tips for people undergoing dialysis treatment. These are:

1. Get a regular health checkup:Not just urine test and kidney function test, people suffering from kidney disease also keep to keep a tab on the risk factors. The most common risk factors for kidney problems include diabetes and blood pressure. Hence, if you also have tokeep an eye on the blood pressure level and blood glucose level and ensure that your diabetes and hypertension is well in control.

2. Restrict water intake: It is advised that people undergoing kidney dialysis should keep the water intake within limits, more specifically, to the level as advised by your doctor. This is because increased water consumption adds additional load on to your heart as the kidneys fail to filter the extra water out of your body. This can ultimately lead to heart problems. Also, one should keep track of their weight between dialysis sessions.

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3. Eat a healthy diet: It is important to make the right choice of food for consumption. Eating healthy will be beneficial in the long run. Protein-rich foods are to be consumed to compensate for the loss during dialysis. It is also essential to reduce salt intake and to have control of the foods with high potassium content. Avoid processed foods as they contain high sodium. Limit consumption of dairy products to keep phosphorous under control. It is also important to follow healthy lifestyle habits as it helps in balancing the blood glucose and blood pressure goals. There should be a regular physical activity to avoid excessive weight and get sound sleep.

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