World Environment Day 2018: Kangana Ranaut urges people to ban plastic in the most unique way

"In 30 years, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish."

World Environment Day is celebrated on 6th of June every year to generate awareness about the environmental concerns our planet is facing and this year's theme is 'Beat plastic pollution'. Kangana Ranaut- the queen who has always been known to have a strong viewpoint regarding a gamut of issues concerning the society shared an important message today on the occasion of World Environment Day. Kangana has put forth her strong opinions on various topics like nepotism, gender biases, stereotypical mentality, female objectification etc. She has never shied away, unlike her other contemporaries about her relationships and her mistakes in life.

On World Environment Day the Tanu Weds Manu actress, Kangana is seen making a strong point in an impactful half a minute video where she is talking about the havoc plastic bags are creating and how it is leading to pollution and choking the environment. She also said that if we keep polluting at this rate there would be more plastic in the oceans than fishes. She concluded her video by pledging to fight against plastic pollution. Here's the video. Take a look:

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It only helps the cause even further when celebs like Kangana Ranaut helps raise awareness about issues like this. Let's all join hands and do our bit in shunning the use of plastic bags today.

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