World Environment Day 2018: Eco-friendly wedding tips

World Environment Day 2018: Eco-friendly wedding tips

Protect environment opt for an eco-friendly wedding!

Written by Agencies |Published : June 6, 2018 11:07 AM IST

Getting married? Do your bit in saving the environment by using eco-friendly decor items, wedding garlands made from recycled paper, gifting potted saplings to guests and switching to digital invites, experts suggest.

Sanna Vohra, founder of The Wedding Brigade, and Kanupriya and Parag, co-founders of Fotowalle The Story Folks, have given a few inputs:

* Instead of using floral wedding garlands, go for those made with organic or recycled paper flowers.

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* Request your photographer to give you digital prints rather than wedding albums or proof sheets. Once you have the digital photographs, print a few that you are going to frame. This way you can save paper.

* Try and RSVP as many guests as possible before the wedding day so that wastage around food and cutlery is minimised.

* Use recycled paper as decor options.

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* Gift potted saplings to guests and if there are more outstation guests, you can consider giving them seed packets or earthen jars as they are easier to carry.

* The trend of sending paper invites can be swapped with digital invites via WhatsApp and emails. You can also opt for invites made from eco-friendly papers or seeds that can be planted later.

* A lot of food is wasted at weddings. Instead of the leftovers being thrown in the bin, opt for a non-governmental organisation to pick up the extra food and transport it to the needy people. Discuss this with your caterer before so you can make the necessary arrangements.

* Day wedding is the best option to save both energy and cost in a wedding. In case, you are having an additional night reception, ask your venue for energy saving light bulbs, candles, and use of biodegradable products.

* Have your wedding outdoor with lots of natural light, greenery or historic structures. This will minimise your need for decoration. Also, it will save on electricity used for taking photographs.

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* Avoid using too much of marigold like every other Indian wedding. Use cloth decor like colourful drapes which looks amazing at a wedding day and add colours to your venue. Go for linens of natural fabrics like organic cotton and recycled fabrics.

* For centerpieces use potted plants. They are reusable, look beautiful and add ambience to your venue.

* Opt for reusable wedding signage by going for handwritten chalkboard signs that can be rubbed and used again.

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