World Diabetes Day - Akshay Kumar's Jaan Bachao video on chronic health problems in India is a must-watch

Akshay Kumar explains how to prevent diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases & cancer in Jaan Bachao video.

If you needed any more inspiration to stop being a couch potato, ditch the junk food and start exercising, this Jaan Bachao video of actor Akshay Kumar is just meant for you. The actor who is known for his fitness fundas, was roped in as the ambassador of 'Jaan Bachao' health campaign for Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) in October this year. The campaign is part of MCGM s plan to spread awareness about healthy eating and living to prevent chronic health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases and cancer.

The video begins with a grim-looking Akshay telling us that the biggest culprit of all your health problems is YOU. The video hits exactly where it hurts at our tendency to procrastinate exercises aaj nahi, kal se exercise shuru karenge at our tendency to indulge in that extra ras gulla even after knowing the harmful effects of sweets. The actor, who has long been an inspiration to all of us because of his perfect physique, then offers 5 simple solutions that we can use to lead healthier lives. Getting up to answer the door yourself instead of summoning your maid, climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator, doing yoga, dancing or gymming for half an hour every day, reducing the salt and sugar intake, indulge in fried and unhealthy foods only once a week, increasing the quantity of vegetables in meals, and getting yourself tested for blood sugar and cholesterol, at least once a year especially if you are above 35 years. It ends with a superb message with Akshay telling us that you can t change your future but you can certainly change your habits which in turn will change your future for the better.

His parting note: I took care of my body and now my body takes care of me.

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