World Blood Donors' Day: The BMC aims to encourage citizens to opt for voluntary blood donation

For patients, around 3.5 lakh unit of blood is required in Mumbai every year. So, the BMC encouraged citizens to take up the noble cause ahead of the World Blood Donors' Day approaching on 14 June.

As per the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) more and more people should come forward and take up the cause as there is a need of reducing the replacement blood donation and to encourage voluntary blood donation. One can donate blood once in three months and the age limit is 65 years. For platelet donation, 60 is the age limit.

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As per DNA, while speaking about its awareness, Dr Padmaja Keskar, BMC's executive health officer, said, "People should come forward to donate blood at least once in three months. There will be no scarcity of blood if people come forward to donate regularly as per the eligibility criteria. Donation of blood is necessary and helpful to the patients because it cannot be manufactured, it can only be donated. While donating blood, people don't have anything to lose. During summer and Diwali, there is a shortage of blood in blood banks due to which more people should come forward to donate blood voluntarily on regular basis."

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To give regular details of the blood stocks in the blood banks, recently, the State Blood Transfusion Council (SBTC) has written to the city's blood banks. Across the city there are overall 59 blood banks registered with SBTC. While, the SBTC also encourages the blood banks to organise blood camps across Mumbai to tackle blood shortage during summer and Diwali vacations in schools and colleges. If more and more people come forward and support the noble cause the blood shortage problem can be tackled and may lives will be saved.

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