4 types of Asthma that you should know

Asthma is quickly catching up as one of the top fatal ailments. Confederation of Indian Industry(CII) recently released a paper with the tittle Impact on health because of climate change, air pollution, water and sanitation challenges that claims that there would be a 20% rise in the deaths related to asthma in the coming 10 years. From mild to major, asthma is one of the health conditions that are at an all-time rise due to the constant climate change.

Did you know that women are more prone to asthma? According to a French study, it is due to the absence of testosterone that helps curb the production of a type of immune cell that leads triggers asthma.

Here are various possible triggers of asthma:

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However, awareness about such diseases is the key to help understand them better. Knowing about the types of asthma can help better treatment of the disease. Here are the types of asthma you should know about:

Cough-variant Asthma [1]

As the name suggests, cough-variant asthma is the one that has coughing as the major symptom. This is a type that usually goes untreated because it is mostly ignored under the pretext of normal coughing.

Asthma induced by exercise or physical exertion [2]

This is another type of asthma that is triggered due to constant exercising or any kind of physical exertion. While even other kinds of asthma patients might find their asthma symptoms increased while any kind of physical exertion, however, many people who aren't asthma patients find the symptoms only during exercising. The symptoms of asthma like wheezing and coughing start to show within a few minutes after starting the exercise.

Occupational Asthma [3]

As the name suggests this form of asthma is associated with the workplace. Occupation asthma patients usually experience asthma symptoms due to their workplace triggers. Many patients have complained of such symptoms only when they are at their workplace. Also, the symptoms of asthma differ slightly. People suffering from workplace asthma can have a runny nose and an eye irritation instead of common asthma wheezing. Painters, farmers, etc. are usually a victim of occupational asthma.

Nocturnal asthma [4]

Nocturnal asthma or nighttime asthma usually find their symptoms worsen at night while they're sleeping. There are many studies that claim that most asthma-related deaths are caused at night. Symptoms like, wheezing, breathing trouble, cough, etc. get stronger at night.


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