Working in open-plan office can be bad for introverts

Melbourne, June 13 (ANI): Open-plan office can be hazardous to the health for people with introvert personalities as they are more sensitive to external noises, says an expert.

According to Insight Matters corporate psychologist, Stephanie Thompson, introvert people apparently have a more sensitive mechanism towards other intrusive stimuli like noise, movement, interruptions, and those sorts of things, reported.

Thompson told the publication that she had lost count of the number of people that have come to her because they are stressed out by the seating arrangements at work.

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Professionals like senior engineers, bankers and people working in financial services were among those who found the open-plan environment challenging.

It is difficult to focus on complex tasks like analysing figures or working on documents in such offices.

On the other hand, open-plan offices can be great places for extroverted personality types, or where the job demands it like working in a newsroom, or performing menial tasks which are better done with company.

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