Women's Day 2017 Contest on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram--Participate to win exciting prizes!

What are you waiting for? Participate and WIN!

It is exactly six days to International Women's Day and we are totally exited about it. We are up with an amazing yet simple contest. There's a lot that a woman needs sometimes and need not be a star or a moon. Being a woman is like having a superpower but sometimes a hug, a compliment here and there works wonders. Our contest somewhere revolves around this thought. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Copy paste/ Share the status that we have put up.

3. Fill in the blank with something you feel a woman needs.It could be anything from a hug to a compliment, a chocolate to some appreciation. Use your own creativity.

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2. Use #MeForHer.

3. Nominate two other women and let them know that you admire them.They could be any one from your friend to your mom. Any body you think deserves a lot more.

4. The minimum number is two, you can nominate any number of women you want.

5. Like all our social media pages-- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

6.The last day for this contest would be the 8th of march 2017.

Let us make this viral and show the power of girl love.You have done a lot for others it is time you make some time for ourself and ponder on things you need. The best answer will fetch you amazing prizes. Men can participate in the contest too. And above everything a very happy Women's Day to each and every woman out there. We are proud of you and want to appreciate you for everything you do. Celebrate yourself!

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