Women ditch salons, colour hair at home

New Delhi (IANS) More than 60 per cent women avoid visiting expensive salons and choose to colour their hair at home, says a new study.

The study, commissioned by the Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Hair Infusions Range, found that 76 per cent of women notice their hair colour fade within four weeks, yet the majority only visit the hairdressers every three or four months.

'I'm not surprised that so many women are now deciding to colour their hair at home, instead of going to a salon. It's the easier, more affordable option that allows greater freedom of choice,' quoted hair and colour expert Scott Cornwall as saying.

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Interestingly, the study also indicates that 59 per cent of women who dye their hair at home, are aged between 30 and 50. While they may have a higher disposable income, this group appears to be more confident at dyeing their hair themselves compared to women aged 30 and under.

Colouring your hair at home is an expensive and natural method to get rid of grey strands or even change your natural hair colour. There are various herbal ingredients available that you can use to colour your hair. Hennaalone can give you colours like black, burgundy, brown and red.

Apart from henna, other ingredients like walnut shells, coffee, tea, amla,etc are also very useful to colour your grey strands.

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