Woman gives birth to baby just an hour after learning about her pregnancy

Washington, Jan. 10: A woman recently gave birth to a baby girl just an hour after learning about her pregnancy, it has been reported. Katherine Kropas had no idea she was pregnant with a 10-pound baby until an hour before she gave birth, ABC News reported.

The 23-year-old had few intense back pains, but at first, doctors couldn't find anything wrong with her, so they did an ultrasound and after looking at the report they rushed her off into the labor.

Kropas told WCVB she felt that she'd put on some weight, but figured maybe it was just typical holiday weight gain.

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Dr. Jennifer Ashton, a senior medical contributor for ABC News and practicing OB/GYN, said she's seen cases like Kropas's in her career and it tends to happen in women who are overweight or obese to start, might have irregular periods and are less aware of their bodies.

It represents a missed opportunity for prenatal care for the baby, which was definitely not ideal, she further added.

Source: ANI

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