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Woman from Nashik is 1st patient to undergo successful bariatric surgery at Fortis Hospital, Kalyan

With a history of hypertension and diabetes of over5-6yrs, the patient also suffered from thyroid and hernia conditions.

Written by Editorial Team |Published : December 12, 2017 10:09 AM IST

Kalpana Jain, a 42yr old woman originally from Madhya Pradesh, weighed over 120kgs and had a BMI of 41. Being overweight, she experienced weakness and her sleep patterns were hampered. She consulted her relative, a physician at Nasik, who helped her connect with Dr Ashok Borisa, Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Kalyan. With a history of hypertension and diabetes of over5-6yrs, the patient also suffered from thyroid and hernia conditions. Dr Borisa upon assessing the patient concluded that the existing co-morbidities were adding to her concerns. Excessive weight was impacting her joints, especially the knees. It was advised that the patient undergo a Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy. This procedure requires the removal of the outer margin of the stomach to restrict the intake of food which allows the patient to feel full much earlier. The portion of the stomach which is removed during this procedure is responsible for producing a hormone that makes a person feel hungry, its removal limits a person s hunger pangs.

Weighing 120kgs when she visited the hospital for her first consultation, the patient was on dietary supervision, helping her lose14kgs within a month. Post-surgery, the patient now weighs 102Kgs and it is expected to attain the optimum weight of 70Kgs by the end of next year, basis the precise weight loss and exercise regime, coupled with nutritional monitoring, chalked for her. According to reports from the national health survey, India s 180 million adults including 14.4 million children are obese which is second highest in the world. According to the national family health survey (NFHS-4) one-fifth of Indian women in the age group of 15-49 are overweight. Did you know this weight loss surgery lowers women's booze tolerance

Speaking about increasing incidences of obesity, Dr Ashok Borisa, Laparoscopic& Bariatric Surgeon, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, said, Obesity increases the risk of diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, Stroke, breathing problems and sleep apnoea. Causes of this alarming condition include sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, heavy junk food consumption; mainly, people do not undergo regular medical check-ups, this is highly concerning. We see an average of 4-5 obese patients a week and the numbers are only increasing .

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About the patient, he said, Post-surgery, the patient s diet has reduced by 50% and we are happy with the progress she is making towards achieving ideal weight and BMI. She will have to follow the 360-degree plan that has been laid out for her. Her family is extremely supportive and will handhold her through this reformation .Read here Weight loss surgery may reduce fertility in men

Talking about the surgery, patient Mrs Kalpana Jain said, The entire team has taken good care of me through the course of treatment and have been very encouraging in this journey, which is more of an emotion for me. I wasn t able to do household chores in the past few months, now, I am able to go about my daily route with much ease. I have started walking regularly, I do it religiously for at least 2hrs a day in the morning and evening. This is a progressive step and I am happy that I made this decision .The patient responded well to the surgery, marking it the first of its kind in the Kalyan--Dombivli area; and is required to follow up on a monthly basis.

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