With a single puff of huqqa you inhale 10% more carbon monoxide

November 19 is the World COPD Day

JAIPUR: Do you believe smoking 'huqqa' is better than smoking cigarettes and beedis? Time to debunk the myth.

Many people consider smoking huqqa better than smoking cigarettes because the tobacco is inhaled after being filtered through water by a long pipe attached to it. But according to Indian Asthma Care Society, smoking huqqa can be as bad as smoking beedis and cigarettes or even worse.

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Ill effects of smoking 'huqqa'

  • The study led by Dr Virendra Singh, President of IACS and Editor of international journal 'Lung India' revealed that a single puff of huqqa causes you to inhale ten times more carbon monoxide than what normally is inhaled.
  • Besides, the smoke tends to settle more deeply into the lungs compared to smoking a beedi
  • A single puff of huqqa has the ability to severely damage your lungs
  • It can cause severe asthma and lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 'Single puff by 'huqqa' smoking is definitely not safer than 'beedi' (Indian cigrattes) at any cost,' Dr Singh in a patient-doctor interaction meet.

In India, approximately 30 million people are estimated to be suffering from COPD and half a million die every year from it, Singh. About 20 per cent of villagers in Rajasthan are addicted to beedi or huqqa which was proved to cause severe COPD in addicts aged 40 to 50 years. Twelve per cent people in rural areas die of COPD, followed by 8 per cent deaths which were caused by heart attacks, Singh said, quoting national data. (Read: Quit smoking naturally the yoga way to kick the butt)

COPD which is the fourth leading cause of death worldwide after heart diseases, stroke (paralysis), diabetes, would rank third in the 21st century, Singh added. COPD is a non-communicable lung disease caused due to smoking, from smoke of 'chullah' in villages, vehicles' smoke, and dust in mines and factories, he said, adding the disease progressively robs sufferers of the ability to breath. (Read: World No Tobacco Day 2014: Natural remedies to quit smoking)

However, recent studies indicate that 25 to 50 per cent of smoking addicts do not even know they have it, because its diagnoses often goes unrecognised, he said. Singh advices patients to get a painless five-minute test 'spirometry' done to address the problem of under-diagnosis of this serious lung disease. (Read: 5 Ds to start you on the path to quit smoking)

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