Why you shouldn't upset a woman on a bad hair day

bad hair dayHaving a bad hair day makes women angry, a new research has suggested. Many years ago, a large research conducted by a major supermarket hair brand found that a bad hair day (BHD) did affect women's mental health. (Read: Hair loss in women which of these 10 reasons are causing yours?)

The 3000-strong survey revealed that BHDs made women irritable and argumentative, and more inclined to pick fights with their partners, reported. A recent, similarly focused, study, using eye-tracking technology, took the idea further. The researchers monitored one's responses to looking at photos of women with bad hair (unwashed or not brushed) and beautiful hair (professionally styled). (Read: Tips to tackle bad hair days)

They found that women having beautiful hair were judged as younger, more professional and better looking, whereas those with unkempt locks were considered older, lazy and lacking in pride. (Read: Say goodbye to bad hair days with these tips)

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Source: ANI

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