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Why women should masturbate more after pregnancy

Unlike men, it isn't easy for women to just pick up from where she (talking about sex) left after pregnancy. So, here is something that can help masturbation.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : November 2, 2018 9:23 PM IST

In a society like ours where women are tutored in the most obvious ways to keep their sexual desires, needs and demands in check, asking mothers to indulge in some self-love and pleasure postpartum is close to committing a sin like no other. From a very early age women are denied a right to explore their sexual needs, in the most subtle way they are taught that sex is bad, don't ask about it and don't try to know about it. Even though the millennials are better than the previous generation when it comes to exploring the tabooed sex zone, there is still a long way to go till sex actually gets its due and recognition as a basic human need like the other essentials so one doesn't have to go on a guilt trip while indulging in it.

So, when it comes to women and sex it is not surprising that even after eons of experience in relationship matters (some of us become agony aunts to friends and close family) we still feel it difficult to call the shots in bed because often we don't know what we want we never explored the tabooed zone.

By the time we are done with the beginner's course and happily gear to move on to the intermediate level most women discover that they missed one cycle or two. Now depending on the relationship status, an action plan is hatched. If the partners are enjoying marital bliss, especially in the Indian society, where very few have the courage to anger Mother Nature decide to nurture the baby, while others simply nip the problem (for a lack of better word) in the bud. Okay, we are not sitting here with a moral compass judging any body's ethics, humility or knowledge of contraceptives that we can do later. But we are shifting our focus to the woman who became pregnant while exploring her sexual desires. A little fast forwarding and we reach the postpartum phase where after nine months of wait she can finally think of some sane sex again, well that is easier said than done.

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sexy-woman-in-bedSex after pregnancy becomes a bumpy ride, never smooth and always a little uncomfortable. Yes, it is not going to be like this forever but the initial days it is going to be hard. It is like starting everything from the scratch again for the new mother. This is when she detests touch, kiss or having intercourse with her partner and let me tell you this has nothing to do with love. It is just postpartum blue and her struggle with coming to terms with the new body, new self. Sex at this time isn't a priority. This is not to say she doesn't want it but again she doesn't know where and how to begin. Unlike the man, it isn't easy for her to just pick up from where she left. So, here is something that can help masturbation. Yes, mothers you read it right masturbate and do it often. Don't worry you are not going to harm your baby in any way you will just get closer to yourself.

beautiful woman lying on bed potraitHere are ways in which masturbation can help

It will make you feel connected with your body: Most often women deny or avoid sex postpartum because they are struggling within to accept the new body that has gone through a sea of change during childbirth. Masturbation helps the mother to get closer to self, her carnal side. While she feels herself, arouses and climaxes these little pleasures instils a confidence in her to take it a level higher and finally say yes to sex postpartum.

It helps to gain confidence: Believe it or not, desire, arousal and climax go a long way to calm the inner doubts and qualms the mother has about her body and sex quotient. When she is able to satisfy herself and arouse a desire with just a touch, she gains confidence that she can rekindle the magic in bed with the partner once again. So, mothers if you are in doubt whether you can still make him go crazy in bed while having sex postpartum, test yourself while masturbating in the dark. We are sure you are not going to fail, here.

It helps to relax and unwind: Do we even need to elaborate here. Probably a climax will help you to be more focused while changing a diaper and less irritated when you look at the unfinished laundry.

Beautiful and sexy young adult sensuality brunette woman in white lingerieIt helps you to find new erogenous zones: Postpartum the body changes and yes your erogenous zones shifts. Unless you explore yourself to figure out what makes you excited, how you are even going to guide him to do it right. And do we need to tell you that men like it when you tell them what excites you the most?

It is easy and not demanding: Unlike sex, with masturbation, you can take your own time, be gentle and climax at your own pace unless of course, your child wakes up wailing for a feed or change of diaper.

It improves libido: Yes it does, take it from us. And if you don't believe us try it for yourself.

P.S.: Before you start to masturbate make sure that your stitches are healed so you don't end up with an infection or cut in the vaginal area. Ensure that your fingers are cleaned before you start to touch yourself down there and clean them after you are done. Be careful while fondling the breasts as if you indulge in nipple stimulation it could lead to a letdown.

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