Why make a fuss about Bruce Jenner's very public sex transition?

Why make a fuss about Bruce Jenner's very public sex transition?

Written by Poorva Chavan |Updated : February 6, 2015 3:46 PM IST

With a recent photo shopped cover of a US weekly magazine featuring Bruce Jenner as a woman, throwing some light on his ongoing transition into a woman, it has become quite a hot topic, whether his transition should have been mocked like this!

There have been rumours for the past few years that the former Olympian and a popular character on highly speculated TV show, 'Keeping it up with the Kardashians,' Bruce Jenner is transitioning from a man into a woman. It has been reported that he's been leaving subtle hints behind which confirm his transition. The growing of his hair into ponytail length, the apparent shaving down of his Adam s apple, the brightly coloured polish on his fingernails had everyone questioning his motive!

The American media mercilessly went on taking digs at Jenner's decision which was supposed to be quite public as his family has a reality show about their lives, but there's a line to be drawn while questioning a person's gender identity. With USA being such a forward country, making such a speculation of Bruce Jenner was something the American press should be ashamed of.

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Although his transition has not been sudden and has been in later in his life there are certain disorders that heighten this desire of wanting a sex change called gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria . This disorder is generally seen all through childhood and children show certain signs from early age. It is a condition in which a child develops strong mental identification towards the other gender, in addition to being uncomfortable in his/her skin. Although the exact cause of gender dysphoria, a disorder that influences a person s mannerisms and self-image, is not known, there exist some theories certain hormonal complications during foetal development or childhood, genetic abnormalities, defects in child rearing or bonding or the combination of the three.

When this condition is diagnosed, it is very crucial and mentally draining situation for the person suffering from it due to the non-acceptance attached with it. It is essential for a person suffering from this disorder to undergo counselling along with his/her family as it is the key to relieving mental agony of the person along with improving their self-esteem. Sex-change surgeries are also another option where hormonal therapies and surgical treatment options aim to suppress the sexual characteristics of the individual. Sex-change operation also known as gender reassignment surgery requires a person to undergo extensive evaluation and transition phase. (Read: Living with gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria )

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