Why did the Bombay Hospital nurses go on strike?

Healthcare services went for a toss on Thursday, as two hundred nurses of Bombay Hospital went on a strike. "We have been instructed to shift the ICU patients out of the hospital if we think it would be difficult to handle them. If shifting them is not possible, then we have been instructed to appoint junior resident doctors in the ICU to monitor patients," said a senior doctor of the hospital.

Some bypass surgeries had to be postponed. The nurses are protesting after the management's failure to respond to their pleas. The nurses allege that they are being worked because of staff shortage, which can result in human error and can be fatal for a patient.

Another issue according to Abraham Mathai, President of All India Nurses association, was the bond issue. "The bond is a violation of rights of the nurses. Trained nurses are the backbone of any hospital. They should be treated respectfully, provided medical facilities and paid adequately," he said.

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The Bombay Hospital however, dismissed such claims. The Bombay Hospital, however, dismissed the nurses' claims. "There are enough nurses in the hospital. As of today, there are 657 nurses. The prestigious hospital has 710 beds and 100 beds are vacant. So this gives a healthy patient-nurse ratio of 1:1," said a spokesperson of Bombay Hospital. He added the hospital holds no bond of its nurses. "Bombay Hospital always had a tradition of treating its nurses with care and professional respect."

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