Why are the most number of swine flu cases from Pune?

swine-flu-h1n1The swine flu epidemic has hit Pune again and the number of cases is a lot more than anywhere else in the state or even the country. Click here to find out how to keep the disease away.

There are various reasons for this. Some docs feel that the erratic weather and vacillating temperatures are to blame. Some other reasons being bandied about is a lack of immunity, especially among children. The swine flu (H1N1) virus usually thrives in cooler climates however some experts feel that the virus has developed a new strain which allows it to sustain itself in higher temperatures. .

Dr Vijay Kumar Pawar, resident medical officer Aundh Civil Hospital said, "There are many factors for the recurrence of swine flu in Pune. One of the plausible reasons is that the virus itself has developed a new strain, which helps it to survive in warmer temperatures." "While human beings develop immunity to the virus, the virus itself keeps transforming, which is why we get the cases that we do," he added.

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According to health officials, another important reason for the maximum cases of swine flu being diagnosed and confirmed in Pune is the fact that the National Institute of Virology is located there which means that reports are diligently collected resulting in higher numbers. Since such facilities aren't present in most other places in the country swine flu cases usually don't get confirmed or reported.

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