WHO Updates Guidance On National Strategic Planning For TB Response: Here Are Some Key Points

WHO Releases Guidelines To Start A National Strategic Planning For Treatment Of Tuberculosis

A new guidance is being released by WHO to start a national strategic planning for tuberculosis response that will mainly center around the affected population.

A new guidance is being released by the World Health Organization (WHO) to start the support of national strategic planning for tuberculosis (TB) response. This guidance will take a new focus mainly centered on the common people to develop the national strategic plan for TB. It has highlighted the importance of government ownership and stewardship, will ensure alignment with national strategy for health and also other programs. Moreover, it is also expected to emphasize multi stakeholder and multi-sectoral engagement as one of the key steps for multisectoral accountability for TB.

This guidance was first released in 2015 and is now being updated to develop and upgrade a national strategic plan to prevent, care and control TB and people who are infected by it.

Aim Of The Guidance Released By WHO

  • This guidance will emphasize the need for strengthening accountability across all sectors in the NSP.
  • The importance of inclusive and comprehensive engagement of stakeholders and partners who are relevant have been highlighted as well.
  • The civil society has been highlighted to help build ownership, facilitate planning and start better quality TB services that will serve the needs of the people and communities who have been affected.

Why Has This Guidance Been Developed?

The 'Guidance for national strategic planning for tuberculosis' was developed to better align with global commitments and latest developments in TB and in public health and builds on lessons learned from using the 2015 toolkit. This document will be complemented by the Guidance for conducting reviews of TB programs, that will be published by the end of this year.

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The main intention of the guidance is to use them in the developing standalone strategic plans for TB or to start TB interventions as part of the national health sector or multi-disease plan.

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