When you blink your brain takes a mini-nap!

Blinking has always been considered the best thing you can do for your eyes, but did you know that apart from lubricating your eyes, it also helps to give your brain a mini-nap. Scientists from Japan's Osaka University examined 20 healthy adults in a brain scanner as they watched 'Mr Bean', the British comedy. The scientists noticed that every time the participants blinked their brain registered a power-down within the visual cortex, somatosensory cortex and the area that manages attention.

In another experiment, the scientists inserted a 165 millisecond segment of blank screen time within the movie. Astonishingly, none of the participants experienced any down time within their brains. It was conclusively proven that blinking was the only mechanism that gave the brain a tiny nap. Another study proved that people who lie, do not blink as frequently as their counterparts while telling a lie. During the lie, people tend not to blink and then proceed to blink eight times faster than usual.

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