Nargis Fakhri's detox and weight loss solution

Would you believe us if we told you Nargis Fakhri is 35? Perhaps not! The 'Rockstar' actress defies age and looks gorgeous as ever. Though most people love her for her pouty lips, if you look beyond that, you'll discover she has spotless skin and luscious locks. All this is due to her healthy routine and following a holistic lifestyle.

Nargis loves all things natural and she recently shared an image on Instagram telling people how she detoxifies at the end of each day. The actress uses a product called Natural Chinese Chlorella from Holland & Barrett. These are tablets that contain chlorophyll and other essential nutrients and Nargis swears by them.

Nargis Fakhri detox

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She said, 'This is a fantastic detoxifier & helps with weight loss. It's great for ridding body of heavy metals and other pollutants. I love it n swear by it. It's just a single celled algae that grows in fresh water! fantastic benefits!' Here's a sample detox diet plan for you.

Since no one magical product can help you give beautiful skin and body, Nargis makes sure she exercises and eats right. She loves her fruits and dry fruits and also cooks her meals herself whenever possible. She also drinks ample water and loves coconut water as well.To maintain her figure, Nargis does Zumba every day. Read more about Nargis Fakhri's beauty and fitness secrets.

Image source: Getty/nargilove/Instagram

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