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What should you do when you have an oversupply of breast milk?

World Breastfeeding Week 2018: You can become a breast milk donor if you produce too much milk.

Written by Aishwarya Vaidya |Updated : August 7, 2018 11:57 AM IST

Some mothers find it difficult to produce enough milk and hence, they look out for different ways to boost their milk production. This is one of the reason due to which the mothers wean their babies early. While some mothers have too much milk and that can also be problematic. Babies will exhibit symptoms like pulling off the breast, colicky crying, gas, spitting up and so on if their mothers have too much milk. Due to the oversupply of milk, the mothers can suffer from engorged breasts, plugged ducts, and mastitis. Watch out for these symptoms listed below. Men and women: Are you producing breast milk?

  • Most of the time, your breast will feel hard
  • During feedings, your baby may choke and sputter
  • Feedings may be short as your baby may fill up immediately
  • You have sore nipples
  • Your baby may have green and watery stools
  • While feeding, your baby may clamp down on the nipple

The oversupply can take place due to hormonal factors which may produce more breast milk. Before the first side is adequately drained, if the mother switches the breast, this can also lead to the oversupply of milk. Here a few ways to effectively deal with the oversupply of milk. Is breast milk really enough for my baby? (Baby care query)

At each feeding, offer only one breast: Put your baby on the same breast if he nurses too frequently. Avoid offering the second breast unless he demands.

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Say no to pumping: There is no need to pump if milk is flowing and the baby is gaining weight appropriately.

Cabbage leaf compresses: Wash the chilled cabbage leaves in water and place them on your breasts. But be careful and ask your doctors before doing it as it can suppress lactation fully.

Drink sage tea: A natural form of estrogen which decreases your milk supply is present in sage. Hence, sip on it.

You can donate milk to the milk bank: you can pump extra milk in the bottles and become a breast milk donor. It can be beneficial for the health of the newborn.

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