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What is exam stress and causes of it?

Dr Mrinmay explains the causes of exam stress.

Written by Bhavyajyoti Chilukoti |Published : March 5, 2018 10:41 AM IST

Exams are on their way and it s likely that students might experience more stress and anxiety than usual. Feeling a degree of stress and nervousness about exams is completely a normal reaction. Every person has a different level tolerance for stress and a different way of responding to it. Although exam stress can sometimes cast a dark shadow on the lives of teens. Dr Mrinmay Das, Senior Consultant, Behavioural Sciences, Jaypee Hospial, Noida explains the causes of exam stress and is it normal to feel stressed during exams. Also read about expert tips on what to do before, during and after exams.

What is exam stress?

Stress, in simpler terms means, body's way of responding to any kind of threat or demand be it real or imaginary. When one feels stressed, then the nervous system responds by releasing a flood of stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, which rouses the body for emergency action. Exam stress is normal and very common. You might experience it because:

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  • You often need to learn and recall a large amount of syllabus.
  • Exams always have an element of uncertainty about them.
  • There is a certain kind of expectations from the students by family and friends.
  • You may need a particular exam result to gain entry into another course or for a successful career path.

How to manage exam stress?

Often students get the anxiety of what if I fail or what if I go blank during the exam . To study effectively one needs to focus on the study materials. One can never concentrate on their studies while the mind is occupied with such thoughts of uncertainty. If one is experiencing exam stress, it's important to try to remind themselves that it is only a small part of their life and it won't last forever. Here are few tips from an expert on how to cope with exam stress.

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