Amitabh Bachchan lives on air!

We are always very curious to know what our favourite Bollywood stars are up to and follow them blindly. How about following the 'Big B' this time and actually imbibing his healthy lifestyle?

In an interview to Bombay Times, Amitabh Bachchan reveals how he stays fit at 72.

Staying away from tea and coffee : By this I don t only mean alcohol but things you would least imagine like coffee and tea. When asked what kind of coffee he likes he said, I don t drink coffee, so I am the wrong person to ask . Yes he gave up drinking those some years ago. (Read: Don't drink more than 2 to 3 cups coffee or tea per day for your health's sake)

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Staying away from aerated drinks: He also informed that he doesn t drink aerated drinks and when asked him what he drinks he said he drinks water and at times drinks nimboo paani too. (Read: 10 ways drinking warm water and lemon can do wonders for your health)

Staying away from sweets: He agreed that he was a foodie at a time in his life and said that, I am foodie, there was a time I could kill someone to have a jalebi or kheer, and gave it all up for a healthier and a more fit life. He also said that he doesn t gorge on chocolates, pastries and any other Indian sweets and paan too. (Read: 12 reasons you should chew paan or betel leaves )

Staying away from rice and non-veg food: He doesn't eat rice either and has given up eating non- vegetarian food too. (Read: Rice- good or bad?)

His favourite food: When asked what he eats he said, Hawa kha raha hoon aajkal. He loves eating Indian food and eats that every day. (Read: Top Indian healthy foods)

Healthy lifestyle: He also agreed that where drinking and smoking a cigarette is a social compulsion he was told by a friend at party that he would never be able to give up alcohol and cigarettes. He took it up as a challenge and his determination led him to this rather healthy habit. He said, I left drinking 35 years ago. (Read: Side effects of alcohol)

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