Was Yo Yo Honey Singh in rehab for alcoholism?

Yo Yo Honey Singh has been missing from the celebrity circuit for quite some time now and it was reportedly due to bouts of some illness. Last year, he was advised 45 days of rest as he was too stressed working, he also injured his back and neck. There was also buzz that the singer and songwriter may be suffering from depression. But if sources are to be believed, Honey Singh was out of action due to his alcoholism.

Popular entertainment website Miss Malini reported that the 'Chaar bottle vodka' singer was in fact in a rehab to get over alcoholism. Looks like the singer was merely revealing his alcohol addiction problem in the song. If these reports are true, we advise Honey Singh to get over his addiction problem soon. Here are some tips:

  • Detoxify yourself by going on a healthy diet as this will resist your temptation to drink.
  • Ask your loved ones to support you in this trying time. When you feel like drinking, talk to a friend or family member instead.
  • Stop going to parties where alcohol is free flowing or easily available as this will tempt you to drink.
  • Ask yourself 'Who is in charge? You or the bottle?' This will prevent you to give in to your addiction.

We hope this can help Yo Yo Honey Singh stay off alcohol on his road to recovery. Read more about dealing with alcohol abuse here.

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