Want your man to be chivalrous? Wear high heels!

Washington, Dec 10: Men tend to be more responsive and chivalrous towards women in high heels than the ones roaming around wearing flats. Research across various cultures have shown at length how important physical features, such as body size and the style and colour of a woman's clothing, influence a man's behaviour towards and judgment of a woman, CNet reported.

Now, Nicolas Gueguen of the Universite de Bretagne-Sud in France observed for the first time ever how the height of a woman's shoe heel influences the behaviour of men towards her. The study, conducted on 19-year-old girls and men aged between 25-50, showed that any woman in heels had 50 percent better chance of attracting a man's attention, and Gueguen said that it simply because heels made women more beautiful. (Read: Foot yoga in high heels and other such wacky workouts are you game?)

The findings suggested that men's helpfulness increased along with the height of the heels a woman was wearing. However, heel height had no influence on other women's willingness to help. It was also found that men in a bar were quicker to start chatting with a woman wearing heels than when she was wearing flat shoes. Gueguen speculated that, because sexy female models often wear such shoes in the media, men have started to associate the wearers of high-heeled shoes with those having sexual intent. The study is published in Springer's journal Archives of Sexual Behavior. (Read: How high heels are ruining your feet)

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