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Want to strengthen your brain? Do these exercises.

The idea of neurobics is aerobic exercises for brain. And these are everyday things you do © Shutterstock

A study published in the Indian Journal of Occupational Therapy listed out some exercises that can help you strengthen your brain.

Written by Sudhakar Jha |Published : September 24, 2018 8:31 PM IST

You do exercise for a fit and healthy body, but what about your brain? Ever thought what to do for smarter brain? According to experts, following the same routine every morning makes your brain accustomed to those habits, which doesn t really benefit the mental health. And that s where neurobics comes in. The idea of neurobics is aerobic exercises for brain. And these are everyday things you do. So, try these simple tasks to improve the cognitive function of your brain.

Brush your teeth with the wrong hand: The study says that using the opposite side of the brain can lead to rapid growth in the parts of the cortex that process information from the hand. To make the exercise more effective, use your other hand to open the toothpaste and apply it on the toothbrush.

Eat unfamiliar food: The brain has the capacity to register and differentiate between millions of smells and taste. And it s not just on your tongue, because there is a link between those receptors and the emotional centre of your brain. And when you eat unfamiliar food, the new taste results in new emotions.

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Read things differently: Our brain circuits have different way of working when we read things silently and when we read them out aloud. To juggle between different ways, you should read things in different manners to strengthen your brain.

Turn things upside down: When you see things in the same place every day, your brain registers it and doesn t respond in specific ways. But if you juggle things and turn them upside down, your brain wakes up to different scene and tries to solve this new puzzle.

Open your car window: Yeah! That s right! Your brain registers memories in hippocampus and it is associated with incepting sounds, odours and sights. When you travel to new areas, open your car windows or take a walk to places you don t know the route to. Letting your brain see new things and register new places results in more strength.

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