Want to lose weight? Grab a tequila shot

Want to lose weight? Grab a tequila shot

Coming Friday, just leave all your worries aside and go on to have an only-tequila party, for the sake of losing weight.

Written by Aishwarya Iyer |Published : July 26, 2018 1:03 PM IST

Well, well, well, we understand you are already jumping with joy after reading this but let us break this down for you- a study has found that the sugars present in tequila is beneficial for your health, moreover it aids weight-loss. But before you go swinging to the counter in order to get some extra shots of tequila, read this fully.

How tequila will help in weight-loss?

According to a report presented at the National Meeting of the Americal Chemical Society (ACS), a sweetener created from the plant that is used to make tequila could help in lowering glucose levels and could help patients who have type 2 diabetes in losing weight.

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This could be because tequila contains agavins, a natural sweetener found in the agave plant that acts as a good source of dietary fibre. This helps in maintaining blood glucose.

"We have found that since agavins reduce glucose levels and increase GLP-1, they also increase the amount of insulin," said Mercedes G. L pez, Ph.D. GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1) is a hormone that slows the stomach from emptying, thereby stimulating the production of insulin. She added, "Agavins are not expensive and they have no known side effects, except for those few people who cannot tolerate them." In addition, agavins, like other fructans, which are made of the sugar fructose, are the best sugars to help support growth of healthful microbes in the mouth and intestines, she said while presenting the report.

The research indicates that tequila is not only good to stabilise blood glucose levels but also acts as an appetite suppressant. This is obviously because of the fibres present in it. This means having tequila with a meal could make you eat less.

Remember that, this is not to say that tequila should be had after every meal or every day. This just means you do not have to completely avert from drinking but opt for tequila when you're out to have a drink or two.

Alcohol/ mixed tequila/ margaritas/fruit juices are a NO-NO

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