Want to get rid of Leptospirosis? Try these fool-proof home remedies

Want to get rid of Leptospirosis? Try these fool-proof home remedies

Did you know that including turmeric in your diet can help you deal with Leptospirosis? We list out few natural ways to manage it.

Written by Aishwarya Vaidya |Published : August 18, 2018 10:22 AM IST

Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection which humans can contract from animals. You may get it via urine of rodents, dogs and farm animals. A bacterium called Leptospira interrogans can cause leptospirosis. Many animals carry this organism and it tends to reside in their kidneys. Later, it may end up in soil and water. The germ can invade your body through open wounds, scratches and so on if you happen to be around the soil or water. Furthermore, it may also enter through your nose, mouth, or genitals. Though, it rarely contracts from person-to-person.

The symptoms of leptospirosis can be a headache, vomiting, muscle pain, chills, skin rash and so on. If you exhibit any of these symptoms just consult your specialist who will give prescribe you some antibiotics. Furthermore, you can also opt for these natural remedies.

  • Stay hydrated: it can put pressure on your multiple organs and one may also suffer from jaundice in severe cases. So, you will have to keep your body hydrated and also maintain your body's hydro-electrolytic balance. so, you should opt for glucose and salt solution drinks. Just rehydrate to stay fit and fine.
  • You can include ginger in your diet: It is one of the effective ways to treat Leptospirosis. According to a study conducted on mice, the ginger extracts decrease anti-inflammatory cytokines which can control the organ damage due to Leptospirosis. You can consume ginger by including in your soup, dal and so on.
  • Turmeric: It is anti-inflammatory and can effectively help you to tackle Leptospirosis.
  • Trash management: Rats and other rodents are attracted towards areas with a lot of trash. See to it that you discard the thrash properly.
  • Be careful while swimming: Ponds and lakes can be contaminated. To top it all if you have any skin wound, it may further invite problems. So, be cautious while you go swimming.
  • Enhance your immunity: Eat vitamin D-rich foods, garlic, probiotics and so on.

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