Vidya Balan admitted to hospital for suspected kidney stone

With her birthday being just around the corner, we hope she recovers in time to celebrate it.

Seems like the year 2015 isn t ending on a good note for Bollywood actress Vidya Balan. It is learnt that the actress has been hospitalised in Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai yesterday and is being treated for suspected kidney stones. Vidya and her husband Siddharth Roy Kapur were on their way for a vacation to ring in New Year and celebrate her birthday that falls on 1st January away from the hustle bustle of the city.

However, their plans were shelved when Vidya experienced a sharp shooting back pain after boarding their connecting flight from Abu Dhabi to their destination. Soon paramedics were called in for help and they were deplaned. She was later taken to a nearby clinic from the airport where she received initial help to soothe the condition.

The couple then took the next available flight to Mumbai and Vidya was rushed to the Hinduja Hospital. Tests conducted at the hospital indicated a possibility of kidney stones that could have been the probable cause of the pain. Confirming the news, Vidya s spokesperson said, Vidya is currently in expert hands at Hinduja hospital and is well on her way to recovery. Here are 10 simple ways to prevent kidney stones before it gets too late.

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What are kidney stones?

Kidney stones are solids formed in the kidneys when substances like calcium, oxalate and phosphorus that are excreted in the urine become concentrated. A kidney stone may either settle down in the kidneys or travel through the urinary tract. Kidney stones usually vary in size. So a smaller crystal may comfortably travel down the urinary tract and get expelled on its own without causing any pain or discomfort. Here are five early symptoms of kidney stone that one should know about.

However, when the crystals increase in size, they may come from larger hard stones that tend to get stuck as they pass along the urinary tract. This can cause several problems. Mainly it may block the usual flow of urine, causing extreme pain and bleeding. Other symptoms of kidney stones include pain in the lower back region, vomiting and nausea. Here are five things that you should avoid if you have kidney stones.

How is it treated?

Treatment is based on the size of the stones. Smaller stones can be treated with plenty of fluids, pain medications and certain antispasmodic drugs (pain and spasm relieving) which help in passing the stone out. But even when the symptoms disappear, it is essential to confirm whether the stone has been eliminated through an ultrasound or a CT scan.

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