Update: Baba Ramdev's unit given another chance to get products tested

Baba Ramdev may be famous for starting the yoga revolution, but he is also quite well known to be skilled at dodging accusations thrown at him. Recently, the Food Safety and Standards Department department has given Baba Ramdev yet another chance to prove his stand and get his Kankhal-based unit's food samples re-tested in the central laboratory in Pune within a month. Reacting on reports about his 'misbranded' food products, the yoga guru on Wednesday had termed the shocking findings as 'misleading' and 'politically motivated'. He accused the State and Central investigating agencies of trying to defame him and threatened to take legal actions against the Food Safety and Standards Department also.

While addressing the local media, Ramdev said "It is a conspiracy to defame our trust and also sabotage our movement against corruption and black money".

According to senior officials of the Food Safety and Standards Department, failure to get products re-tested within the given time will instigate adjudication of the case against Baba Ramdev's unit. The department had collected samples of six food products after conducting a surprise raid at the unit in August this year. The samples were sent to Rudrapur for testing and the laboratory findings that the food products had failed the tests were made public on Tuesday.

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District food safety officer RS Rawat admitted that there is no problem with the quality of the products being manufactured by the unit. "However, many products are manufactured elsewhere and their marketing is done here. Like the Patanjali salt is procured from Kutch in Gujarat and mustard oil from Rajasthan and both are sold as Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd products," Rawat added.

According to sources, the yoga guru could possibly be fined to the tune of Rs 90 lakh for misbranding six products. The misbranded products include Patanjali salt, Patanjali mustard oil, Patanjali lychee honey, Patanjali gram flour and Patanjali pine-apple jam.

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