Unfriend these foods to boost your brain health

Do you find it difficult to remember your important meeting? Are you unable to focus? Feeling sluggish? These foods can be the culprits. Try to eliminate them from your diet.

Forgot your wife's birthday? Didn't pay your phone or electricity bill on time? Is your boss angry with you as you don't remember where you lost your important file? Don't worry, relax, we tell you how to overcome the problem.

The brain is unarguably the most important organ of the body. It regulates the functioning of our body by keeping our heart beating and the lungs breathing. So, you should make sure that your brain functions effectively. Though, some foods can impact your brain negatively which in turn can dampen your mood, affect your memory and lower your energy. Fortunately, you can keep your brain happy and healthy by eliminating those foods.

  • Avoid eating highly processed foods: These foods are high in salt, fat and sugar and low in nutrients. It can hamper the functioning of your brain and make you pile up those excess kilos. Say no to noodles, chips, ready-made meals and sauces.
  • Say no to foods with trans fats: Trans fats can be termed as saturated fats which can affect the functioning of your brain. Watch out for artificial trans fats which are present in packaged foods, pre-packaged biscuits and ready-made cakes.
  • You should avoid refined carbs: One of the best examples of refined carbs is sugar. Highly processed grains such as flour can be another example. You can digest these carbs easily. They can increase your blood sugar and insulin level. According to a study, they can damage your brain functioning.
  • You should cut down on alcohol: If you consume alcohol regularly then it can affect the functioning of neurotransmitters (the chemicals used by the brain for communication). Furthermore, you may also develop Vitamin B1 deficiency which can lead to brain disorders.
  • You should avoid sugary drinks: Energy drinks, juices and soda can take a toll on your brain health. According to a study, you may be at a risk of Alzheimer's disease and dementia if you consume it. moreover, it can also lead to obesity and high blood pressure.

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